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What's an IBAN Number?

An IBAN comprises of a two-letter country code, two check digits, and up to thirty-five alphanumeric characters. These characters are known as the primary bank account number (BBAN). It's a unique identifier that shows your country code and bank account number. It will also include your bank code or sort code if your account is from the UK.

Iban Format

What each part of the IBAN Number means?

Each part of the IBAN number has meaning and may differ in length as to each country's specifications.

  • Country Code:

    Two-letter code is used to identify the country where the IBAN was issued and where the IBAN account is.

  • Check Number:

    The bank's check number or digit is calculated for every account holder. It's a two-digit number.

  • Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN):

    Up to 30 alphanumerics are country-specific. Every country has a specific BBAN format, and it can vary considerably depending on the standards applied by each nation. BBAN is further broken down into three components as follows:

    1. 3.1. Bank Code:

      First four digits of a BIC (Bank Identifier Code).It uses a unique identification code to identify the IBAN account holder's bank.

    1. 3.2. Sort Code (UK):

      6 digit number used by British banking to identify the bank and branch in which the account is held.

    1. 3.3. Account Number:

      8 digit number, identifies the individual customer's account to which funds should be transferred.

How to find my IBAN?

It's pretty easy to find your IBAN on your banking app or online banking; IBAN calculators are also available online. If you have a Kixy account you can easily find your IBAN NUMBER anytime by clicking on your menu options and selecting your account details. You can also find your IBAN and SWIFT code in every Kixy statements.

How to use IBAN to make payments?

Every country is quite different, so the country you and the recipient are in requires the same or more banking information alongside an IBAN.

For example, more information is required for European countries within the SEPA zone.

  • Full name of your recipient
  • Recipient's IBAN
  • Recipient's BIC/SWIFT code

It's imperative to write your IBAN in the proper format to ensure your money reaches the right destination.

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CountryIBAN exampleIBAN length
United KingdomGB33BUKB2020155555555522
  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Germany

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